We found a CURE?! OIT?! Well maybe…..

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With all the press that peanut allergies have been getting I have found that there has been a lot of misinformation or half truths surfacing that there is a cure for food allergies.  This is completely FALSE! Currently there is NO cure for food allergies but there are a bunch of things in the works.  Let me explain, the only treatment currently used by immunologists to treat food allergies is OIT, or oral immunno therapy. OIT works by taking the smallest dose of the allergen (peanut/treenut) and having the patient ingest it and then monitoring them.  If the dose is tolerated then the patient goes home and doses twice a day for two weeks (under extreme monitoring from their parents as they can have a severe reaction at any time).  After two weeks they return to the immunologist for another updose and the process continues for a year or until the highest dose is reached.  That means that some patients may tolerate 3 peanuts at the end of the year or 20, it really depends on their tolerance.  Let me be very frank, this is not a cure and this treatment is only to protect patients from accidental exposure and allows them to live a more normal life with less anxiety about food.  The maintenance dose must be taken every day after the program is completed just like a pill you would take for cholesterol or high blood pressure.  It is also important to note that patients have had small to severe reactions after they are in maintenance also.  This treatment is still not approved by the FDA and the doctors who provide OIT do so to help the growing number of people affected by food allergies.  There are two clinical trials going on currently in the race for a cure!  One for a peanut patch and one for a peanut pill.  Again this will only desensitize the patient and the process will be much like OIT.  Both clinical trials are in the final phase of testing and have been fast tracked by the FDA as food allergies are becoming an epidemic in the United States.   We might see treatment available for food allergy sufferers as early as January of 2018.  Below I have listed some amazing articles about the future of the peanut pill and the peanut patch! Also please watch the video about Dr. Kari Nadeau, she is a food allergy pioneer and the head immunologist a Stanford! She is the head of the Sean Parker foundation and making great strides in the food allergy field!



2 thoughts on “We found a CURE?! OIT?! Well maybe…..

    HeatherChristine said:
    July 2, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    I really enjoyed this post and your blog overall! It is so interesting to learn about food allergies and possible cures. I can only imagine how hard it must be for your son to deal with, but he looks so happy and strong! Including the videos was really great supporting evidence. I think that your blog serves a great purpose in educating those of us who have little knowledge on the subject, and helping people who know it all too well.


    codeleigh said:
    July 2, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Great information for people with food allergies. It’s good that you didn’t put this out as a straight-up cure, but more as a process that can help people deal with accidental exposures more realistically. It’s very hard to tell what’s in food nowadays at times; ingredients we would never expect end up in even less likely products. Good post, great supporting media with the videos as well.


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